Royal + Sisterhood

Life Church

"Let the feminine heart grow warmer and embrace more of humanity. As the helpless and hope-less becomes more apparent, the God-given and God-called sisterhood will not only rise, but take ground for The Kingdom"

More than ever we need girls rising across The Church to lead well  in the spheres God has given her. 

We are creating platforms, spaces and opportunities for the sisterhood to rise in awareness, rise in spirit and rise in possibility.

2020 / 2021: Royal Conference, Retreats and Sisterhood dates.

“Thank you for the Royal conference, it changed my daughters life and outlook. She came back completely energised, and it hasn’t worn off!. ” —Sally, North NSW

“Royal showed my that the church is alive and is giving girls a voice and an opportunity.” —Tanner, South East Queensland

October long weekend
December Date TBC
January long weekend Date TBC


  • Every October Weekend (postponed til 2021)
  • Focussed demographic of North Coast NSW youth & young adult women
  • Guest speakers: Sam & Cheryl Fagan, James & Laryssa Schluesener, Laura Douglas, Louise Nahi & Hosted by Rachael Tanttari & the Life Church team. 
  • Postponed til 2021
  • Rego opens soon
  • More info coming

October long weekend

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Our long weekend event is going to be a special gathering of the girls. Register now and get a free eBook from Lisa Bevere